Customer Support FAQs

Buying Online, Cutting, Quoting, Promo Codes, Volume Discounts, Web Order Status, Shipping, etc.


How can I place an order online?

Why should I become a registered user?

I would like to contact someone in sales or customer service, who do I contact?

Why are some items ‘Buy Now’ and some ‘Quote’?

How do I get a quote for something I can’t find on your website?

Do you offer volume discounts?

How long will it take for me to receive my web order?

What is your return policy?

Can you ship items internationally?

Can you ship items to my residence?

I requested a quote and have not received my pricing, who do I contact?


Why does my web order status say “Verifying Terms”?

I do not want to pay with a credit card. Do I have any other options?

How do I apply for a line of credit with Curbell Plastics?

Is there a minimum order requirement?

How do I edit my order (or cut instructions) in the cart?

How do I cancel an order I placed online?

Can I check the status of my web order?

Why does my web order say ‘on hold’?

Why does my web order status say ‘cancelled’?

Can my web order ship next day air or overnight?

I have my own UPS or FedEx Account #; can I use that to ship my web order?

Why does my item require a pallet and truck delivery?

What can I do to avoid these extra charges?

Can I avoid paying tax by submitting my tax exempt certificate?

Help, I only received part of my order?


I would like to have my item cut to a specific size, how do I do that?

What are tolerances?

How do I calculate the number of finished pieces I can yield out a sheet I selected?

Can you show me an example of calculating yield?

What if I need more than one size cut from the sheet I selected?

Can you cut rods and tubes to length?

Why can’t I enter cutting instructions on the material I selected online?

What are your typical cutting capabilities (width, length, thickness)?

Why did my price change when I selected ‘Add Cutting Instructions’?

Why do I get an error message when I enter my cut dimensions and/or # of finished pieces?

Do you offer custom fabrication and/or cutting?


How do I use my Online Promo Code?

Where do I get an Online Promo Code?

Can I use an Online Promo Code when buying from my Curbell Sales Representative?

If I buy a Clearance material will I be able to buy it again at the discounted price?


Why aren’t my login and/or password working?

How do I update my email address?

Where can I see my web order history?

I need a quote on material, but in a different size. Do I need to start from scratch?

How do I find my tracking information for my web order?

Why does my web order say ‘on hold’?

Why does my web order status say ‘cancelled’?

Not sure which materials best fit your needs?

Our experienced sales and technical teams are available to assist you with material selection challenges.

Working With Plastics


Plastic Applications

Discover plastic materials with characteristics important to your application.

A plating line in an industrial ceramics factory.

Operating Environments

Plastic materials are engineered to perform in the most challenging conditions including temperature, chemicals, and more.

mix of sheets, rods, and tubes of plastics in various colors

Material Selection Tools

Tools to help you select materials by plastic properties, chemical resistance, FDA compliance, or brand.

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