Nylon Replaces Metal Gears to Reduce Downtime

NYCAST® NYMETAL® reduces downtime and protects expensive metal gears

A manufacturer was experiencing failures with two metal gears operating in direct contact with each other. Unlubricated metal gears in direct contact can result in excessive (and expensive) wear.

Metal-on-metal gears in chemical environments need frequent replacement

NYCAST® NYMETAL® nylon replaces metal gearsThe solvents and other chemicals used in and around the manufacturer's machinery stripped away the lubrication. The unlubricated metal gears had to be replaced often due to excessive tooth wear.

NYCAST® NYMETAL® gears minimize wear on metal gears for longer part life

Curbell helped the manufacturer reduce wear and minimize noise by replacing some of their metal gears. We provided  NYCAST® NYMETAL® gear blanks, which feature cast nylon stock around metal inserts. The metal inserts provide superior strength and torque transmission. The cast nylon minimizes wear on the mating metal gears. Nylon also offers an inherent lubricity (eliminating the need for external lubrication), and reduces the amount of noise produced during use.

Tired of replacing expensive metal gears? We're here to help.

Our technical experts work with manufacturers to help minimize expensive downtime. Replacing metal gears with plastic is just one way to help your machinery run longer, faster, quieter, and more efficiently.

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