About Our Plastics Experts

With decades of industry experience and a passion for all things plastics, our team is here to help you with your plastic materials, properties, and application challenges.

Nobody loves to talk performance plastics more than we do. If you’ve got a question — or have a challenge but aren’t sure what questions to ask — our experts are ready to help. The Curbell Plastics team includes technical experts and sales and operations leadership. This seasoned team brings together a wealth of knowledge to help our customers solve application and business challenges.

Our team of experts have experience with:

  • Material properties
  • Plastic part design
  • Chemical resistance of materials
  • Complex engineering applications
  • Technology-driven industries
  • Fabricated and machined parts
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Supply chain management programs
  • Logistics solutions
  • Cost and efficiency optimization

We live to solve challenges! Connect with our plastics experts or submit your questions, specs, and drawings. Ask a Plastics Expert.

Technical Support

Keith Hechtel, DBA
Senior Director of Business Development

Keith Hechtel, Senior Director of Business Development, Curbell Plastics

Curbell Plastics customers often need advice that straddles the intersection of materials technology, business, and hard science — and that’s where Keith lives. 

With degrees in geology, industrial technology, and business administration, plus 25-plus years of plastics industry experience, Keith leads the Curbell Plastics Business Development team and offers a unique and practical perspective to material selection and application counseling. He has helped hundreds of businesses achieve quality improvements and cost savings through the use of performance plastics. 

Keith is a nationally recognized author and speaker on plastic materials and plastic part design. Read Keith's full biography.

Tim McPherson
Fabricated Parts Manager – Nationwide

Liz Grimes, Senior Business Development Manager, Curbell PlasticsTim has nearly 40 years of experience in part manufacturing — 25 of them with Curbell. His deep understanding of the manufacturing industry, materials, and processes gives original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), machine builders, and industrial designers the advantage when they need quotes on highly complex plastic parts for use in automation, automotive, military, and aerospace applications.

He works with Curbell Plastics sales and management teams from coast to coast, helping them source fabricated and machined parts for customers in all industries. Read Tim's full biography.

Dave Seiler
Business Development Manager

Dave Seiler, Product Specialist - High-Performance Polymers, Curbell PlasticsDave works with companies across the Midwest and the Southwest to provide high performance material solutions, including application of DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide for work in challenging environments.

He also provides LED lighting expertise and support to all Curbell’s Midwest and East Coast customers. Passionate about all things plastics, he even spends his free time reading academic literature on a diverse base of polymer materials. Yeah, he’s that guy. Read Dave's full biography.

Jeff Wilson
Senior Business Development Manager – Curbell O&P

Jeff is a nationally recognized expert on the use of performance plastics for orthotic and prosthetic applications. He brings more than 25 years of plastic materials experience to customers in the O&P device fabrication industry.

His extensive knowledge of plastics and the way their physical, mechanical, and thermal properties dictate their behavior in various environments helps O&P fabricators develop better, stronger, and more comfortable devices for their patients. Read Jeff's full biography.

Sales and Regional Directors

Peter DelGado
Senior Director of Sales and Customer Service

Peter has devoted his entire 30-plus year career to helping commercial and industrial buyers of high-performance plastic materials solve complex application challenges, increase design and production efficiencies, and build strong relationships with Curbell Plastics as their plastics distributor.

A nationally recognized leader in the performance plastics industry, Peter was honored with the 2018 IAPD Pacesetter Award for his extraordinary impact on the association’s growing membership and prominence in the performance plastics industry. He brings an extraordinary degree of insight and know-how to help Curbell customers solve problems and grow their businesses. Read Peter's full biography.

Jeff Burke
Regional Director

A 20-year veteran who has spent nearly his entire career in performance plastics sales and distribution. Jeff helps companies across the Northeast reduce material or energy costs and increase efficiency with materials suited for their specific needs. He’s helped a broad range of industries such as machine shops, manufacturing equipment builders, and makers of food processing equipment.

The locations in Jeff's region include WNY, Rochester, Syracuse, New England, Philadelphia/New Jersey, and Films & Tapes. Read Jeff's full biography.

Jay Forcellina
Senior Regional Director

With 30 years of experience in performance plastics, Jay leads Curbell’s growing presence in the West and oversees all sales, service, and operations activity. His has spent his entire professional career immersed in all facets of the business through positions that include both inside and outside sales, as well as branch and region management.

The locations in Jay's region include Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, and Arlington. Read Jay's full biography.

Eddie Howe
Regional Director

Eddie has devoted his 20-plus year career to helping equipment manufacturers, glass laminators, security glazing providers, specialty vehicle makers, and others get greater value from their use of performance plastics. From material selection through stocking, cutting, and fabrication, he helps customers find practical solutions to their unique needs.

The locations in Eddie's region include Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Florida, Virginia, and Jackson. Read Eddie's full biography.

Dallas McLaughlin
Regional Director

Dallas has over 20 years of experience working with machine builders, specialty vehicle manufacturers, food processing facilities, and other industrial companies that use automation with highly specialized needs for plastic materials. His deep knowledge of the plastics business, its markets, and technical application allows Dallas to bring a multi-pronged perspective to any project.

The locations in Dallas' region include Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit,  Cleveland, Houston, and Curbell O&P. Read Dallas' full biography.

Jeff Ostrowsky
Director of National Accounts

Jeff has over 30 years experience with Curbell Plastics. Hired directly after graduating from Penn State he has been immersed in many facets of the business from sales to branch manager to regional director.

As Director of National Accounts, Jeff and his team focus on the unique challenges of customers who have multiple sites across the United States encounter, such as emergency transportation vehicles manufacturing, amusement parks, and MRO integrators. Read Jeff's full biography.

Regional Sales Managers

Andrew (AJ) Lacey
Regional Sales Manager

AJ has extensive experience serving customers who manufacture and maintain emergency and construction vehicles, cranes, and other heavy equipment. His expertise also spans security glazing, machine building, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, and data center cold aisle containment systems. Read AJ's full biography.

Bob Manning
Regional Sales Manager

Bob has been with Curbell for more than 35 years where he has held a variety of roles. Throughout his long career he’s pursued commercial product training and hands-on lab experience focused in engineering plastics, thermosets, polyimides, and adhesives and silicones. He’s extremely familiar with tooling materials as he held a product manager position for materials like DuPont™ Vespel® Shapes and Parts, polycarbonate, and additional engineering plastics.

Scott Moore
Regional Sales Manager III

Scott has more than 20 years of experience in plastics distribution, manufacturing, and the orthotics and prosthetics industry. His expertise spans industries such as aerospace and defense, industrial equipment manufacturing, sign manufacturing, and retail store displays. He spends significant time working closely with customer design, engineering, and purchasing teams to enhance their experience with Curbell as their go-to plastics supplier. Read Scott's full biography.

Ryan Nelson
Regional Sales Manager II

With more than a dozen years of performance plastics industry experience, Ryan provides expert advice to help companies identify plastic materials that can replace metal components in order to achieve quality improvements and cost savings. Ryan has extensive experience with engineering plastics and high-temperature materials that perform in challenging environments. Read Ryan's full biography.

Bill Rummell
Regional Sales Manager

Bill's extensive knowledge of applications involving a broad range of commodity, engineering, and high-performance plastics helps customers achieve new levels of efficiency. He regularly partners with machine builders, specialty vehicle makers, and designers of packaging and dunnage to increase the value plastics bring to their applications and to reduce downtime in their manufacturing processes. Read Bill's full biography.

Ben Rushing
Regional Sales Manager

Ben has over a dozen years of plastics distribution and medical sales experience with expertise in medical applications, engineering plastics, and signage and POP display manufacturers. Ben works with engineers in industries throughout the West region such as aerospace, packaging and conveying equipment builders, signage, and more. Read Ben's full biography.

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