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Technical Service Engineer – Business Development

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Timothy (Tim) Buchanan is the Technical Service Engineer on the Curbell Plastics’ Business Development Team. Tim helps support the highly technical needs of customers who depend on Curbell for their performance plastics. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Chemical Engineering degrees plus Chemical Engineer in Training (EIT) status with the National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (NCEES). Tim was deeply involved in academic research and continues to write and publish technical content in his role with Curbell Plastics.

Outside of work, Tim is drawn to understanding the world around him. “I picked up an addiction for good coffee and enjoy learning the science behind various brewing techniques,” he said. Tim also enjoys visiting new places, spending time with family, and is an avid gym-goer and weightlifter.

A Partner in Your Success

Tim provides support when customers have technical questions regarding specifications or material characteristics. He helps customers identify suitable plastic options for their applications. “When there is any confusion,” he explained, “the Business Development technical team clarifies customer callouts, such as ASTM or military specifications, and whether our materials meet them.” It’s not uncommon for Tim to seek out academic literature and offer customers unbiased research to help them evaluate materials for specific applications or challenges.

Another component of Tim’s role is developing rich content for engineers and plastic buyers. “Plastics behave in complicated ways,” Tim shared. “There is a large gap in the plastics industry for making practical and accurate information accessible to end-users. The capabilities of plastics in industrial applications depends on a large number of factors that are not well-described by a material datasheet. Working to understand and communicate how the physical characteristics, peculiarities, and commercial accessibility of plastic materials relate to a particular situation is a challenging and rewarding experience that results in continuous learning. We must always approach potential plastics solutions for industrial applications involving many moving parts, literally and figuratively, with this in mind.”

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