Material Selection Tools

Tools to help you select materials by plastic properties, chemical resistance, FDA compliance, brand, and more

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Selecting a raw plastic materials supplier is one of the most critical decisions your company will make. See 7 Important Points to Consider When Selecting a Plastics Supplier.

Typical Applications

Find plastics that meet your performance and operating environment requirements.

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Chemical Resistance of Plastics

See how Acetal, Nylon, PEEK, and other plastics resist different chemicals.

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Plastic Properties Table

Sort, compare, and find the plastic material suited for your application.

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Thermoplastics Triangle

Find the right amorphous, semi-crystalline, or imidized plastic materials for your application.

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Plastic Material Selection Guide

Helps you review your application and determine plastic material options for testing.

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Brand Cross Reference Guide

List of common plastic materials and the trade names associated with them.

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FDA Compliant Plastic Materials

Plastics that comply with one or more of the FDA's guidelines for direct food contact.

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Acrylic Color Chart

Colored acrylic sheets come in a variety of transparent, translucent, and opaque colors.

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