UV-Resistant Polycarbonate Lasts Longer Outdoors

Bayfol® UV506 7-2 has outstanding UV resistance, helps POP graphics stand up to sun and weather

A manufacturer of gas pump control panels needed a signage solution that would keep their outdoor POP graphics looking new for longer periods of time.

Sun damage ruins outdoor graphics

UV-Resistant Polycarbonate helps printed POP graphics withstand sun and weather (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)The manufacturer was having problems with their printed polycarbonate graphics. Exposure to the sun quickly degraded the graphics printed on standard polycarbonate film. After a relatively short amount of time, the displays would fade and become brittle from the constant outdoor exposure. This led to frequent panel reprints and decreased customer satisfaction with their client.

UV-resistant polycarbonate holds up better to weather

Curbell supplied our customer with Bayfol® UV506 7-2 polycarbonate film, which has superior UV stability and weatherability compared with standard polycarbonate. After installation of the Bayfol® UV506 7-2 signage panels, our customer saw longer-life to the gas pump graphics which added value to their client's gas pump brand.

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