Lighting Solution Provides Enhanced Diffusion for Medical Device Inspection

LED light diffusing plastics with outstanding aesthetics, light transmission, and diffusion

A process engineer was designing an inspection workstation at a medical device factory. The project required specialized lighting that would allow for easy inspection of the medical products and also create a visually comfortable work environment for the inspectors. The inspectors disliked the “harsh” lighting that they had experienced at other inspection workstations in the factory.

The engineer was looking for a plastic light diffuser that would meet a number of CTQs including:

  • LED Light Diffusing Plastics for Medica Devise Inspections (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)High light transmission
  • Outstanding diffusion of the LED lamps
  • The correct color temperature (tint) to maximize worker comfort

Light Transmission Requirements

He met with one of Curbell Plastics’ sales representatives to discuss the project. Working together, they identified a plastic sheet material that has outstanding aesthetics as well as the light transmission and diffusion properties that were required for the project.

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