Point-of-Purchase Displays

Plastics for retail displays and kiosks

Plastics are ideal materials for point-of-purchase (POP) displays because of their ease of fabrication, outstanding aesthetic properties, and cost. Plastics are also lightweight, durable, and many plastic materials are easy to decorate via printing and painting.


Plastic Material Characteristics and Services for Display Fabrication:

  • Wide range of colors, sizes, and opacities
  • Easy to bond with adhesives and solvent cements
  • Easy to thermoform
  • Easy to print and paint
  • Impact modified grades
  • Quick delivery for rapid turnaround of projects

Plastic Materials for Point-of-Purchase Display Applications



Outstanding strong, stiff, clear plastic available in a variety of brilliant colors and finishes.



Transparent, strong and stiff thermoplastic with outstanding impact resistance.


High Impact Polystyrene

Low cost, tough plastic material that is easy to thermoform and fabricate.


Expanded PVC

Lightweight, durable, moderately expanded closed cell sheet material.

KYDEX® Thermoplastic sheets in various colors stacked and fanned out

KYDEX® Thermoplastic Sheet

High impact, thermoplastic sheet that is tough, durable, and easy to form.


Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)

Low-cost ACM offers good dimensional stability and a metallic look, at half the weight of aluminum.

stacked foam boards in varying colors

Foam Boards

Rigid, yet lightweight, family of graphic art boards, easy to fabricate and cost effective.



Durable, versatile, low cost, abrasion and chemically resistant plastic material.



Transparent plastic sheet with good impact resistance and outstanding thermoforming characteristics.

Plexus® Methacrylate, Structural Adhesives in various sizes

Adhesives & Sealants

Replace mechanical fasteners, join dissimilar materials—adhesives & sealants for your applications.


Tapes, Fabrics, & Belts

Specialized industrial tapes, fabrics, belts—for bonding, heat sealing, wear surface, and masking applications.

Plastic Applications for Point-of-Purchase Displays

  • Countertop point-of-purchase displays
  • Brochure holders
  • Displays
  • Exhibits
  • Fixtures
  • Kiosks
  • Printed advertising graphics

Countertop Point-of-Purchase Displays

Countertop displays, manufactured from plastics such as acrylic, polycarbonate, high impact polystyrene, and expanded PVC, create a rich buying experience for customers. These materials are available in a wide variety of colors and textures and they can be fabricated with standard woodworking tools.

Many plastic sheet materials can be formed on strip heaters and thermoforming machines and they can be easily assembled with adhesives and solvent cements. Special grades of acrylic, polycarbonate, and PETG are engineered to transmit and diffuse LED light to create beautiful back-lighted displays.

Retail Merchandising Displays

Merchandising displays attract attention to the products being sold and also store the products for easy access by consumers. The plastics used for these applications need to be colorful, low cost, and durable enough for use in high traffic areas. Acrylic, impact modified acrylic, KYDEX® Thermoplastic Sheet, aluminum composite material (ACM), expanded PVC, and foam board are often specified for retail merchandising displays.


Kiosks provide consumers with access to information in public places such as retail stores and airports. Plastics are seeing wider use in kiosks where superior aesthetic properties and durability are desired. 

KYDEX® Thermoplastic Sheet is used for kiosks to improve durability since KYDEX® Sheet resists chipping better than traditional surface laminates. Special grades of KYDEX® Sheet are available that have outstanding flammability properties (including UL 94 V-0 ratings) for kiosks that have electrical functionality. 

Vycom’s DESIGNBOARD® sheet is a family of plastic materials for kiosks. DESIGNBOARD® comes in exciting colors and textures and easy to fabricate, and extremely durable.

POP Displays, Exhibits, and Signage

POP applications for medium- to long-term use like displays, exhibits, and indoor/outdoor signage often use attractive yet durable plastics such as expanded PVC sheet and Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panels. Both ACM and expanded PVC can be suitable for indoor or outdoor use, are offered in a variety of colors, and available in fire-rated grades.

For visually striking designs, ACM aluminum facers make for an attractive surface choice while the polyester core reduces the panel weight to approximately half of comparable aluminum materials. The panels are easy to fabricate and material options range from flat-sheet only applications to options suited for roll-forming or route-and-return fabrication methods for long-term needs. 

Expanded PVC is a lightweight yet rigid foam polyvinyl chloride with smooth facers that easily machine and fabricate for medium-term needs. Grades specifically designed for superior printing, assembly, and even wood-grain appearances are available

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