PEEK for High Temperature Seals

Chemical and creep resistance allow valve to function properly in aerospace application

An aerospace valve manufacturer was looking for a plastic material solution that performed under high pressure and met mission-critical specifications in their application. It was important that elevated temperatures did not adversely affect the material properties such as conformability (sealing).

Initial trial of PTFE seals leaked under high pressure

Chemical and creep resistance PEEK for high temperature sealsThe aerospace valve needed to perform in high temperatures. The sealing material also had to have outstanding chemical and creep resistance. They evaluated PTFE for the application, but the material exhibited excessive stress relaxation, resulting in leaks when the valve was subjected to high fluid pressures and elevated temperatures.

PEEK achieves proper seal for aerospace application

Curbell Plastics supplied the valve manufacturer with VICTREX® PEEK™ (polyetheretherketone), which features the right balance of conformability and creep resistance to achieve tight seals. PEEK also has excellent dimensional stability and stands up to many different chemicals, which makes it an ideal choice for valves controlling the flow of fluids or gases. Many aerospace manufacturers choose PEEK because it is lightweight and has outstanding chemical resistance.

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