Plastic Materials for High Performance Radomes

The emergence and evolution of high-frequency antennas in 5G telecommunications, global navigation satellite systems, high-speed aircraft, and more, has created a need for high performance radomes to shield antennas from their environments while allowing electromagnetic signals to pass through with minimal attenuation.

This white paper introduces design engineers to protective materials with extreme dielectric performance that can withstand challenging environmental and impact conditions for high performance radome applications.

It includes helpful tools such as a plastic material overview, step-by-step material selection process, and an extensive properties comparison table of plastics used for radomes.

Read about the primary material considerations for radomes including:

  • Electrical properties
  • Mechanical strength
  • Aesthetics
  • Weatherability
  • Water absorption, wetting behavior, and rain erosion resistance
  • Temperature performance
  • Manufacturability

Not sure which materials best fit your needs?

Our experienced sales and technical teams are available to assist you with material selection challenges.

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