Custom Cutting

Get plastics cut-to-size to your specifications, no matter how large or small your project

You’ve selected a plastic material. But what are you doing with that plastic? Are you cutting it down or machining it to a proper size or suitable length? Do you know that Curbell can supply not only the material but also custom-cut your order?

Cut-to-Size Capabilities and Services

Cut-to-Size Plastic Sheets - Curbell Plastics can supply the material and custom cut to your specifications.We can cut any size material in any quantity. From a single sheet to 100 or more, Curbell Plastics has the cut-to-size capabilities to help businesses in any industry. In many cases, purchasing cut-to-size rectangles of plastic sheet saves time, money, and delivery costs compared with buying full sheets of material or cutting them in-house.

Our CNC panel saws and manual cutting equipment are capable of cutting plastic sheet to the finished sizes you need quickly and efficiently. Plus, we work to maximize material yields.

Curbell also custom-cuts plastic rod. For more information, let us know your requirements — material, size, and diameter — and get a quote on our rod-cutting services.

Plastics Cut-to-Size
Curbell supplies a range of sheet materials in various clears, colors, grades, and sizes. Custom-cut plastic sheet requests often include:

Cut Pieces With Tight Tolerance and Smooth Edges

Our saws can hold tight dimensional tolerances and we use blades that are engineered to leave clean, smooth edges. Upon request, Curbell can package and label sets of cut pieces to meet your specific requirements.

Cutting Capabilities

  • Computerized panel saws for tight tolerance cuts
  • Huge inventory of custom sizes and off-cuts (remnants) to maximize yield
  • Custom software provides yielding optimization
  • Cutting and converting expertise to save you time and money

Buy Now Online  

Buy custom-cut pieces online with a credit card, and tell us how you want the plastic sheet cut-to-size in three simple steps.