High Density Urethane (HDU) Boards

High density urethane boards are widely used for:

  • Prototype machining
  • Thermoforming
  • Prepreg composite layup tooling
  • Vacuum form tooling
  • Tool proofing
  • Master model making
  • Pattern making
  • Soft tooling—all types
  • Indoor & outdoor signage
  • Sculptures
  • Carvings
  • Call us for cryogenic applications

Performance characteristics:

  • Less dust—more chips for a better working environment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lasts up to 10 times longer than wood
  • Closed cell structure—won’t absorb anything
  • Will not crack, rot, or peel
  • Easily cut or machined with standard HSS cutting tools
  • Meets flammability burn test requirements of ASTM D-1692-74, Far 25.853, Mil-P-26514 &
    ASTM D635

Common Brands:

  • Precision Board Plus™

High Density Urethane (HDU) Boards

Boards for hand-carved signs and CNC-machining

High density urethane foam board also known as HDU board is used for hand-carved signs as well as CNC-machining. RAKU® TOOL Styling Board (SB) has a fine surface structure and lends itself to both manual and mechanical processing. Precision Board Plus™ High Density Urethane (PBLT) is a “closed cell” rigid polyurethane product made specifically for applications of up to 200°F continuous exposure. High Density Urethane is available in a wide range of sheet sizes, thicknesses, and densities. It can be cut or bonded into a variety of shapes for final machining or shaping.

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BOARDS Thickness:
0.500 in – 24 in
20 in, 24 in, 48 in
60 in, 96 in
DENSITY 10 lbs/ft3, 15 lbs/ft3, 18 lbs/ft3, 20 lbs/ft329 lbs/ft3

Length, width, thickness, and diameter tolerances vary by size, by manufacturer, brand, and grade.


RAKU® TOOL SB-0160 (light gray, 10lbs/ft3)– is designed for styling and design models, data control models, and supporting structures for close contour paste. It has a smooth surface with low dust, is lightweight, easy to shape, and is resistant to organic solvents.

RAKU® TOOL SB-0240 (light green, 15lbs/ft3)– is a polyurethane board for styling models, epoxy laminating molds, support structures, and negative molds for casting. It has a very good surface structure, is easy to machine, resistant to organic solvents, and has good temperature resistance. 

RAKU® TOOL SB-0320 (apricot, 20lbs/ft3)– is designed for styling, design, and data control models. It has a very good surface structure and can easily be shaped and machined. 

RAKU® TOOL SB-0470 (apricot, 29lbs/ft3)– is a polyurethane board for styling and master models. It has a very good surface structure and is easy to machine. 

Precision Board Plus™ PBLT-15 (low temperature, 15lbs/ft3)– is a rigid, high density urethane, (HDU), tooling/modeling board designed for prototype machining, water jet cutting, pattern making, thermoforming, prepreg composite layup tooling, vacuum form tooling, tool path proofing, lost wax casting masters, master model making, artistic carving blocks, and indoor and outdoor signage. Precision Board Plus™ PBLT is formulated with eco-friendly, "green" urethane components, has a certified "carbon foot print" of 3 to 1, and a "rapidly renewable green resource content" of 23.9%. Precision Board Plus™ is non-abrasive, can be machined with HSS bits, or cut with any standard cutting tool. PBLT’s tight cell structure allows adjusting spindle speed & table feed to produce either chips or dust as desired. PBLT Plus™ does not outgas or affect prepreg resin cure.

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