ProComp® (Carbon Reinforced Polypropylene) Sheet
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Polypropylene is Widely Used For:

  • Chemical and plating tanks
  • Fire truck water tanks (copolymer polypropylene)
  • Cutting boards for food preparation
  • Semiconductor equipment cabinets
    and work surfaces
  • Lower & upper extremity orthoses:
    body jackets, AFOs, KAFOs, DAFOs,
    helmets, splints (O&P)
  • Rigid, outer prosthetic sockets (O&P)

Performance Characteristics:

  • Easy to weld using thermoplastic welding equipment
  • Easy to fabricate, seam, and drape and
    blister form (O&P)
  • Easy to decorate with transfer patterns (O&P)
  • Low moisture absorption; good chemical resistance
  • Extremely tough (copolymer)
  • Excellent aesthetic properties

Common Brands:

  • Orthoform®
  • Polystone®
  • ProComp®

ProComp® (Carbon Reinforced Polypropylene) Sheet

ProComp® is a patented high-pressure laminated prepreg composite that is available in stable sheet form exclusively from Curbell Plastics. The proprietary composite manufacturing process infuses high strength carbon fibers into the structure of the hybrid laminate. The patient is thus protected from dermal contact with the carbon fibers as the surfaces of the laminate are void of carbon fibers. The high-pressure laminated prepreg composite is comprised of layers of a thermoplastic resin and carbon fiber, and is compatible with post-delivery adjustments to the clinical device without a decrease in structural integrity of the composite. The advanced proprietary high-pressure lamination process allows the ultra-light carbon composite to be compatible with standard vacuum drape and bubble forming techniques commonly used for the custom fabrication of lower limb orthoses and prosthetic sockets. 

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ProComp® composite thermoplastic resin-fiber materials are sold under license from, and are a product of, Rhode 401, LLC.