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Shop for PETG sheets. PETG is FDA compliant and is a good choice for O&P fabricators where transparency is important (check sockets). Have PETG cut and machined into fabricated parts for your application.

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What is PETG

PETG is a transparent plastic sheet with good impact resistance, FDA compliance, and outstanding thermoforming characteristics for applications that require deep draws, complex die cuts and precise molded in details, without sacrificing structural integrity. Due to its low forming temperature, PETG is readily vacuum and pressure-formed, heat bent, and it bonds easily using solvents or adhesives. PETG fabricates well using processes like die cutting, drilling, routing, bending and polishing without chipping or burs. It is used often in the O&P market for fabricating face masks, burn management devices, and check sockets.

What is the difference between PETG and PETG for O&P?

PETG Sheet for O&P– is used where transparency is important for evaluation interfaces.

What are common brands of PETG?
PETG is also known as VIVAK® or Spectar®

What are common PETG applications?
PETG is widely used for signs, POP display and store fixtures, thermoformed trays, prototypes and models, machine guards and housings, orthotic and prosthetic devices, face shields, sneeze guards, and many more applications.

PETG Standard Sizes, Cut-to-Size, and Fabrication

  • PETG sheet thicknesses– 0.020 in, 0.030 in, 0.040 in, 0.060 in, 0.080 in, 0.100 in, 0.118 in, 0.177 in, 0.220 in, 0.236 in, 0.250 in, 0.375 in, 0.500 in, 0.625 in, 0.787 in
  • PETG sheet sizes– 12 in x 12 in, 14 in x 14 in, 14 in x 24 in, 16 in x 16 in, 18 in x 18 in, 20 in x 20 in, 24 in x 24 in, 24 in x 48 in, 32 in x 48 in, 36 in x 48 in, 48 in x 48 in, 48 in x 72 in, 48 in x 96 in, 49 in x 98 in, 60 in x 96 in

PETG colors– PETG is available in clear.

Cut-to-Size and Fabrication– Looking for PETG sheets cut-to-size for easy shipping or to meet your specific application requirements? Buy it online and choose your cut dimensions or ask about our PETG fabrication services.

Have questions about how to buy materials?

View our FAQs on how to buy materials, or get a quote on PETG fabricated parts. We’re here to help.

PETG samples– Buy PETG sheet online as small as 12 in x 12 in. Perfect for sample use. Available now for easy purchase with a credit card.

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