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Authorized Distributor of DuPont™ Vespel Polyimide

DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide

Shop for DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide shapes. Vespel® SP polyimide and Vespel® SCP polyimide product families offer grades including SP-1 Rod, SP-21 Rod, SP-1 Plaque, SP-21 Plaque, SP-202 PlaqueSCP-5000 Rod, SCP-5009 Rod, SCP-50094 Rod, SCP-5050 Rod. Vespel® is available in graphite-filled, unfilled, and several low friction and wear grades. Have Vespel® machined into fabricated parts for your application.

More About DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide

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What is DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide?

DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide is an extremely high temperature, creep resistant plastic material used in high heat environments where thermoplastic materials lose their mechanical properties and as a lightweight metal replacement. Vespel® has long term performance at cryogenic temperatures and up to 260°C (500°F) making it a popular choice for many aerospace and industrial applications.

Is Curbell an Authorized Distributor of DuPont™ Vespel® parts and shapes?

Curbell Plastics is the only authorized distributor of Authentic DuPont™ Vespel® polyimide shapes (rod, plaque, ball, and bar) in the Western United States.

What is the difference between Vespel® SP and Vespel® SCP product families?

The Vespel® SP Family is a highly durable group of polyimides used in demanding applications where exceptional thermal resistance, low wear and/or low friction, strength and impact resistance are desired.

The Vespel® SCP Family exhibits enhanced mechanical properties and superior thermal stability. 

What are common Vespel® polyimide applications?
Vespel® is widely used for parts in semiconductor and material handling machinery, chip test sockets, wafer clamping rings, valve seats and sealing, and many more applications.

Vespel® Standard Sizes, Thicknesses, and Fabrication

  • Vespel® polyimide sheet thicknesses– 0.062 in, 0.125 in, 0.187 in, 0.250 in, 0.375 in, 0.500 in, 0.625 in, 0.750 in, 1 in, 1.500 in, 2 in

  •  Vespel® polyimide sheet sizes– 5 in x 5 in, 5 in x 10 in, 10 in x 10 in

  • Vespel® polyimide rod sizes– diameter 0.125 in - 6 in, length 2 in, 4 in, 9 in, 9.500 in, 12 in, 18 in 19, in, 2 ft (24 in), 27 in, 36 in, 38 in

  • Vespel® SP polyimide is also available in ball and bar shapes.

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