Plastic Property Descriptions

Hardness, Izod impact, light transmittance, tensile strength and more.

What is ‘coefficient of friction’, ‘Izod impact’, or ‘tensile strength’?

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Plastic Material Properties

Coefficient of Friction

Degree to which a plastic resists sliding against another material. A lower number indicates more slippery.

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion

Degree to which a plastic changes size due temperature change. High number indicates more growth when heated.

Compressive Strength

The load at which a plastic test specimen fails in compression.

Dielectric Strength

A measure of the voltage required to puncture a plastic insulating material.

Flexural Modulus of Elasticity

A measure of the flexural stiffness of a plastic prior to breaking or permanently deforming.

Flexural Strength

The load at which a plastic test specimen fails in flexure.


The resistance of a plastic material to indentation.


The degree to which a transparent plastic material appears cloudy.

Heat Deflection Temperature

The temperature at which a plastic test specimen will bend a specified distance under a specified load.

Izod Impact

The energy that it takes to break a plastic test specimen. An indication of the toughness of a material.

Light Transmittance

The ability of a plastic to transmit light. A higher number indicates greater transparency.

Max Continuous Service Temperature In Air

An approximate temperature above which a plastic material will be more likely to fail.

Specific Gravity

The density of a plastic compared with the density of water. A higher number indicates a denser plastic.

Tensile Elongation

The degree to which a plastic test specimen can be stretched under a tensile load prior to failure.

Tensile Modulus of Elasticity

A measure of the tensile (pulling) stiffness of a plastic material prior to breaking or permanently deforming.

Tensile Strength

The load at which a plastic test specimen fails when it is pulled from both ends.

Water Absorption

The % increase in the weight of a plastic when it is immersed in water for a specified period of time.

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