Sustainable Plastic Material Solutions: Recycled Sheet Options

Performance plastics have become indispensable in so many industries. They offer a number of advantages replacing traditional materials being lighter in weight, corrosion-resistant, longer-lasting, weather-resistant, cost-effective, and easily moldable. Additionally, performance plastics contribute to environmental sustainability when used responsibly, helping businesses move towards a greener future without compromising product reliability.

The Role of Performance Plastics in Industry

From machinery manufacturing, chemical processing, wastewater, and transportation, to exhibits and displays, signage, and glazing, plastics play a crucial role in enhancing our daily lives. Items like equipment housings, machine guards, thermoformed parts, chemical tanks, retail displays, kiosks, and signs, are more affordable and accessible due to the cost-to-performance ratio offered by performance plastics.

Growing Interest in Recycled Plastics

With an increased focus on sustainability, businesses are showing heightened interest in high-quality recycled plastics for use in a wide variety of applications. In response to this demand, Curbell Plastics has expanded our sustainable recycled product offerings, providing more eco-friendly sheet and rod alternatives.

Clear Recycled Plastic Sheets

OPTIX® R (Renewable) is an optically clear recycled acrylic sheet comprised of up to 95% post-industrial recycled content. It supports customer’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, offering excellent dimensional stability, and is ideal for displays, lighting, glazing, signage, and framing applications where the use of recycled content is required.

AZCARB RENEW recycled polycarbonate is a sustainable closed loop extruded, clear polycarbonate sheet with significant recycled content providing outstanding impact resistance for screen printed vending fronts, machine guards, thermoformed parts, POP displays in high traffic areas, and signage applications.

Ultros™ Renu PETG sheet, is a durable, rigid recycled PETG plastic material with over 40% pre-consumer content. It is ideal for visual merchandising, retail display, and graphic arts applications. It offers outstanding thermoforming characteristics, excellent printability and chemical resistance, and is certified for LEED credits. See Ultros™ Renu properties to learn more.

Recycled Plastic Sheets and Rods

Utility Grade ABS sheet offers durability, formability, and strength ideal for automotive, dunnage, and container applications. This thermoplastic sheet is constructed with the highest quality regrind and a 100% virgin cap, featuring haircell texture on one side and a smooth finish on the other.

Polystone® G Utility Black HDPE is a reprocessed HDPE that delivers robust performance for the chemical, mechanical, construction, aquaculture, and water technology industries, providing a reliable choice for chemical storage and demanding industrial applications.

Densetec® Post Consumer is a 98% recycled post-consumer HDPE material fabricated from reclaimed domestic containers offering the same versatility as standard HDPE. It comes in a variety of colors with UV protection for durable, maintenance-free applications. Densetec® Post Consumer is often used for marine, playground, display, and furniture applications. View properties.

KYDEX® V103 is a high impact fire-rated, cost-competitive, recycled-grade thermoplastic sheet offered in black and pinstripe colors perfect for equipment housings, exhibits, and displays. This material is formulated to substitute for FR-ABS, and is easy to form with excellent part definition and deep-draw characteristics. It is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc® for Std 94 V-0, 5V. Due to some degree of color variability, it is especially well-suited for hidden or painted parts.

Reprocessed PTFE sheet and rod is made from recycled material and available in white (natural).

Polystone® M Reprocessed offers an economical reprocessed UHMW solution with a low coefficient of friction and very good abrasion and wear resistance. It is perfect for applications demanding high durability and smooth performance.

In 2006, Curbell began its sustainability journey and hasn’t looked back. We’ve focused on reducing our own waste and consumption, while educating others about the benefits of performance plastics in the industries we serve and the nationwide communities in which we are located. Our team of plastics experts prioritize respect for our customer’s applications, the safety of those who could be affected by the application, and the environmental and economical sustainability of the selected material.

Embrace the future of responsible manufacturing with our growing list of recycled plastic sheet and rod offerings. Choose high-quality recycled performance plastics that are environmentally friendly and meet your application requirements.

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