Polyimide Tapes

Polyimide tapes are widely used for:

  • Circuit board assembly
  • Plating mask (hard chrome and nickel)
  • Coil winding in transformers
  • Gold finger protection during wave soldering

Performance characteristics:

  • Excellent electrical insulation (class 180)
  • Silicone adhesive leaves little residue
  • Exceptional dielectic strength
  • Outstanding tear resistance at elevated temperatures
  • High temperature range (-100°F - 500°F)

Common Brands:

  • Saint-Gobain

Polyimide Tapes

Thin, conformable tapes, provide electrical insulation, chemical and high temperature resistance

Polyimide tapes consist of an amber colored polyimide film coated with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. They are often used in applications that require good chemical resistance or high temperature resistance.

Polyimide tapes act as excellent electrical insulators, are thin and conformable, and have outstanding tear resistance at elevated temperatures.

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ROLL Thickness:
0.001 in – 0.002 in
108 ft
0.250 in – 1 in
Liner COLOR No Liner
Adhesive type Silicone

Length, width, thickness, and diameter tolerances vary by size, by manufacturer, brand, and grade. Custom sizes available upon request. Available in roll stock. 


CHR® K250– was constructed to fulfill the requirements of high performance thermoplastic polyimide backing materials for electronic assembly and electrical insulation applications. This tape has excellent mechanical and electrical properties as well as dielectric strength. K250 has outstanding resistance to cut through, and is impact and abrasion resistant. It also meets the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Guide File E66639 and File E51201 respectively with a 180°C temperature rating. It complies with UL510 for flame retardance. K250 comes standard without a liner. For K250 with a liner please contact us.

Tech Tip– The high temperature silicone adhesive holds firmly yet strips cleanly when removed.

Typical Properties of Polyimide Tape
Backing material   Film-Polyimide
Adhesive type   Silicone
Total thickness in 0.0025
Backing thickness in 0.0010
Adhesive thickness in 0.0015
Adhesion to steel oz/in 20
Elongation % at break 50
Operating temperature °F -100° - 500°
Break strength lbs/in 30
Dielectric strength volts 6,500
Insulation class °C 180

Values shown are typical. Values may vary according to brand name. Please ask your Curbell Plastics representative for more specific information about an individual brand.

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