AMGARD™ Antimicrobial Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Clear Filters
  • Thickness0
  • Width0
  • Length0
  • Diameter0
  • Length0
  • Outside Diameter0
  • Inside Diameter0
  • Length0
  • Color Group0
  • Texture / Surface / Pattern0
  • Grade0

Polycarbonate is Widely Used For:

  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • Architectural glazing—medical facilities,
    retail and government buildings, and transportation centers at risk from breakage and vandalism
  • POP displays and graphic holders
  • Skylights
  • Face shields
  • Machine guards, sight glasses
  • Semiconductor machinery components
  • Transparent manifolds

Performance Characteristics:

  • Outstanding toughness
  • Good optical clarity
    (non-machine grade or un-filled)
  • Strong and stiff
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Easy to fabricate, machine, and thermoform
  • Easy to bond with solvent cements

Common Brands:

  • Sustanat

AMGARD™ Antimicrobial Polycarbonate Sheet

Shop for AMGARD™ Polycarbonate sheets. AMGARD™ polycarbonate is a transparent sheet formulated with a silver ion antimicrobial agent that protects the surface from microorganism growth. Also available in a scratch-resistant grade. AMGARD™ SR scratch-resistant polycarbonate sheet has a proprietary antimicrobial coating system that also provides enhanced scratch resistance and exceptional resistance to many common disinfecting cleansers (indoor use only). Typical applications include protective barriers, office partitions, safety enclosures, interior windows, and glazing.Custom cuts and cut-to-size pieces. Have machined into fabricated parts. Can’t find what you need? Get a quote.

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