Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Film
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  • Diameter0
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Polycarbonate Film is Widely Used For:

  • Menu boards, back-lit signs and panels
  • Light management and diffusion applications
  • Automotive instrument panels and
    backlight displays
  • Labels and nameplates
  • Medical applications
  • Graphic overlays
  • Membrane switches and control panels
  • Packaging

Performance Characteristics:

  • Outstanding toughness with abrasion resistance
  • High tensile strength over a wide
    temperature range
  • Good chemical and weathering resistant
  • High heat resistance
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Excellent ink adhesion, easy to die cut,
    emboss, and form

Common Brands:

  • Makrofol®
  • Lexan®
  • Bayfol®

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Film

Shop for Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Film. Makrofol® HS337 is a high performance polycarbonate film. The coating on the substrate is already cured in the final product for excellent hydrolysis stability and solvent resistance. Typical applications include 2D decorative trim for automotive, appliances, telecom, and hand-held devices. Makrofol® HS337 fulfills requirements of DIN75220 weathering. Can be printed on hard coat and polycarbonate side (suitable ink systems(s) and processing conditions required). Conversion capabilities include: die cutting, guillotining, interleaving, rewinding, sheeting, slitting, spooling, and tipping. Can’t find what you need? Get a quote.

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