King StarLite® XL HDPE Sheet
  • Clear Filters
  • Thickness0
  • Width0
  • Length0
  • Diameter0
  • Length0
  • Outside Diameter0
  • Inside Diameter0
  • Length0
  • Color Group0
  • Texture / Surface / Pattern0
  • Grade0


  • Outdoor cabinetry and furniture
  • Recess hatches and bait well covers
  • Upholstery substrate
  • Deck components and equipment mounts
  • Retail displays
  • Retail shelving
  • Decorative ceiling and wall paneling


  • Lightweight
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Easy to fabricate and machine

Common Brands:

  • Seaboard® LITE
  • Seaboard® Utility
  • StarLite® XL

King StarLite® XL HDPE Sheet

Shop for King StarLite® XL. King StarLite® XL is a marine-grade cellular (foamed) utility sheet up to 35% lighter than King StarBoard® HDPE while offering the same superior flatness and product consistency. This economical foamed HDPE sheet is made from select StarBoard® recycled HDPE and is intended as a lightweight replacement for plywoods and MDF. StarLite® XL has a matte finish and is environmentally (UV) stabilized for outdoor use in marine applications and retail displays. It is an excellent substrate for mounting instruments and securely holds staples and screws. 

StarLite® XL is ideal for boat applications including upholstery substrate, deck components, equipment mounts, tackle centers, recess hatches and bait well covers, and other applications where edges aren’t visible. For retail applications, StarLite® XL is used for display tables and platforms, shelving displays, wall paneling, and decorative ceiling tiles. Available in utility white, utility black, and utility gray.

For applications that prefer a proactive approach to warding off microbial growth, King StarLite® XL is upgradable to King MicroShield® with an advanced antimicrobial technology for protecting the product surface against stain and odor causing bacteria, algae, and fungi.*

Custom sizes available upon request. Can’t find what you need? Get a quote.

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*For bacteriostatic, fungistatic, & algistatic properties. This product is exempt from registration under 40 CFR 152.25(a). King MicroShield® effectiveness verified by ISO and ASTM standards. This product does not protect users or others from disease-causing bacteria. Always clean this product thoroughly after use.