ColorCore® HDPE Sheet
  • Clear Filters
  • Thickness0
  • Width0
  • Length0
  • Diameter0
  • Length0
  • Outside Diameter0
  • Inside Diameter0
  • Length0
  • Color Group0
  • Texture / Surface / Pattern0
  • Grade0

HDPE is Widely Used For:

  • Chemical tanks
  • Cutting boards for food preparation
  • Water pipe flanges (HDPE pipe grade)
  • Outdoor and indoor playground systems
  • Marine construction (pile guards, bumpers,
    anti-skid surfaces)
  • Orthotics and prosthetics – AFOs, KAFOs
  • Light duty tank, chute and bin linings
  • Outdoor cabinetry and furniture

Performance Characteristics:

  • Easy to weld using thermoplastic welding equipment
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Excellent surface for food preparation
  • Good chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Easy to fabricate and machine
  • Low weight

Common Brands:

  • Polystone® G
  • Sanatec®
  • Orthoform®

ColorCore® HDPE Sheet

Shop for Multi-Color Engravable HDPE Sheet. This matte finished UV stabilized HDPE comes in a wide variety of color combinations ideal for outdoor applications. HDPE provides high impact resistance, has low moisture absorption, and works like wood with traditional woodworking tools. ColorCore® engravable multi-color HDPE won’t rust, delaminate, or rot when exposed to UV, humidity, or water, and never needs painting or refinishing. Perfect for engraved signage and wayfinding markers, carnival games, playground systems, and marina, golf, resort and subdivision applications. Can’t find what you need? Get a quote.

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