Gatorfoam® Exterior Board
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Foam Boards are Widely Used For:

  • POP displays
  • Exhibits and kiosks
  • Framing and mounting
  • Interior signage—short-term application life
  • Digital and screen printing
  • Sets and props

Performance Characteristics:

  • Rigid, yet lightweight
  • Readily accepts inks and paints
  • Easy to fabricate, knife cut, emboss,
    and die cut (Fome-Cor®)
  • Saw cut and routed (Gator®)
  • Easy to bond
  • Prototyping

Common Brands:

  • Fome-Cor®, Fome-Cor® JetMount®
  • Gatorfoam®
  • Gatorplast®

Gatorfoam® Exterior Board

Shop for Gatorfoam® Exterior Board. Gatorfoam® Exterior is engineered to weather all types of outdoor foam board applications. Tested according to ASTM D-1183C, Gatorfoam® Exterior can withstand temperatures ranging from -70° to 160°F, and 100°F with 95% relative humidity. Made of two wood-fiber veneers bonded to an extruded polystyrene foam core. Routes and cuts easily, and the specially formulated adhesive improves both bond strength and moisture resistance to reduce chances of delamination. Stocked materials typically ship in 2-5 business days. Can’t find what you need? Get a quote.

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