Super-EZ® Release Spray

Super-EZ® Release Spray is widely used for pulling over foam molds for:

  • AFOs
  • KAFOs
  • SMOs
  • TLSOs
  • Cranial helmets

Performance characteristics:

  • Excellent release characteristics
  • Can be sprayed directly onto stockinette
  • Will not harm plastics
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-staining
  • No hazardous storage required
  • Silicone and VOC free
  • Store at room temperature

Common Brands:

  • Super-EZ® Release Spray

What our customers say:

After using the Super-EZ® Release Spray, we now can't live without it. What a great product!

Super-EZ® Release Spray

Save time and money while increasing productivity

Super-EZ® Release Spray is specially formulated to help decrease the time and cost associated with fabricating orthoses when carved foam (HDU) molds are being used.

This exclusive water-based release spray makes pulls super easy and enhances stockinette release characteristics when pulling over foam molds.

Super-EZ® Release Spray was formulated with the environment in mind. It is non-toxic, eco-friendly, silicone free, and can be easily applied using standard spray bottles.

Super-EZ® Release Spray can help orthotic and prosthetic fabricators:

  • Save time by not having to pull a sacrificial plastic layer over the foam mold
  • Save money by reducing labor and material costs
  • Increase productivity by decreasing pulls from two to one​

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package sizes 1gallon jug

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