Brillianize® Plastic Cleaner and Polish

Cleaning solution for acrylic barriers, sneeze guards, cashier shields, and partition barriers

Maintain the maximum clarity of your partition barriers, sneeze guards and cashier shields with Brillianize® one-step acrylic cleaner and polish. Prevent the appearance of crazing and cracks caused by glass cleaning products that contain isopropanol alcohol, ammonia, or other acrylic damaging solvents.

Brillianize® is non-toxic, anti-static, and fingerprint resistant. Safe to use indoors, outdoors, and around children and pets. Repetitive use provides UV protection, preserves the original surface of your acrylic, and does not cause discoloration.

Shop for Brillianize®

Brillianize® 128 oz (Gallon) Jug – Suitable for partition barriers, sneeze guards and cashier shields. Ideal for refills.

Brillianize® 32 oz Trigger Spray Bottles – 12 Pack – For use in retail displays, airplanes, aquariums, automobiles, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles.

Brillianize® 8 oz Pump Spray Bottles – 24 Pack – Perfect for use on musical instruments, art and framing, photocopiers and scanners. 

Brillianize® Wipes (ID-100R) - 100 Count Pack – For quick polish jobs that don’t require keeping a microfiber cloth on hand


Package Sizes 128 oz Jug, 32 oz Spray Bottle, 8 oz Pump Spray Bottle, Wipes