Silicones for Thermal Management and Low Outgassing Applications

High performance silicones that can deliver outstanding performance for military, aerospace, spacecraft, and telecommunications electronics

The electronics used in military, aerospace, spacecraft, and telecommunications equipment require a high level of protection to perform reliably in extreme conditions. Momentive silicones are formulated to offer superior sealing and protective coatings to maximize the life of critical-service electronics.

Momentive silicone materials are available in formulations that have the following benefits:

  • High thermal conductivity to prevent excessive heat buildup in high power density devices
  • Low out gassing grades for spacecraft applications in vacuum conditions
  • Grades available with wide operating temperature ranges, from -175 °F to 500 °F
  • Outstanding adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Property stability under harsh operating conditions
  • Low modulus to allow for thermal expansion mismatch without damaging electronic components
  • Elastomeric behavior to prevent damage from vibration and fatigue
  • EMI Shielding grades available
  • Grades available with low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss for antenna applications
  • Optically transparent grades available

Momentive silicones are available as greases, encapsulants, conformal coatings, and potting materials. They can be formulated to a range of viscosities and as one part or two part systems to be compatible with many different types of delivery equipment.

Momentive silicones—superior sealing and protective coatings—offer aerospace and military applications a high level of protection to perform reliably in extreme conditions. Learn more at Curbell Plastics.

Momentive silicone materials for thermal management and low outgassing applications. Learn more at Curbell Plastics.

Applications for thermal management silicones include:

  • Power modules
  • Sensors
  • Board assemblies
  • LED assemblies
  • Black box encapsulant
  • Avionic display unit adhesion
  • Protective coating for critical circuits, terminals
  • Radome sealant
  • Engine component, thrust reverser thermal protection
  • Fuel tank coating, sealant

Applications for low out gassing RTV silicones include:

  • Cast in place heat shielding
  • Solar array and optical equipment sealing
  • Thermal insulation of sensitive components
  • Protective coatings for critical equipment
  • Encapsulants & potting for high heat
  • Interior and exterior adhesives
  • Flexible composite coatings

Need help selecting the right silicone for your high performance application? Ask a Plastics Expert or explore Momentive silicone adhesives.