Choosing Plastic Materials for
Use in High Performance Valves
and Regulators Webinar


This technical webinar will help engineers and designers navigate plastic material selection for sealing applications in high performance valves and regulators. 

Whether you are faced with a new design challenge or are having issues with an existing sealing application this webinar is for you. Download the webinar slides.

Webinar Topics Include:

  • Selecting plastics for sealing performance in low and high temperature applications
  • Low friction polymer formulations to reduce actuation torque and minimize wear 
    on mating metal parts
  • Creep and stress relaxation behavior of polymer seals that can result in leak paths
  • Compatibility with process chemicals
  • Assuring consistent quality of plastic materials
  • Overview of the plastics used in valves and regulators (Nylon, Acetal (Delrin®), PTFE, PCTFE, PVDF (Kynar®), PEEK, PAI (Torlon®), and DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide 

Presented by Dr. Keith Hechtel

Dr. Keith Hechtel is Senior Director of Business Development for Curbell Plastics, Inc., based in Orchard Park, NY. Dr. Hechtel is a recognized speaker on plastic materials and plastic part design. He has conducted numerous presentations for engineers, designers, and fabricators in both industrial and academic settings.

With degrees in geology, industrial technology, and business administration, plus 25-plus years of plastics industry experience, Keith leads the Curbell Plastics Business Development team and offers a unique and practical perspective to material selection and application counseling. He has helped hundreds of businesses achieve quality improvements and cost savings through the use of performance plastics.