Plastic Part Design: How to Avoid Common Challenges


Plastic Matters Video, Episode 1: Material performance, part failure, manufacturing processes

Are your specified plastic materials not performing over extended periods of time? Have you experienced plastic part failures or dealt with costly rejections because your machined parts are out of tolerance again?

Plastic Matters Episode 1 introduces engineers to important considerations and common challenges when using plastics for a new part design.

Keith Hechtel provides an overview of the beneficial characteristics plastics offer design engineers and includes some shared frustrations among designers when parts don’t perform as expected.

This ten-minute video breaks down the important aspects of material selection, manufacturing process, and part geometry, and how considering all three factors in relation to each other impacts the outcome of plastic part design. 

About Dr. Keith Hechtel

Keith Hechtel, Senior Director of Business Development, Curbell Plastics

Curbell Plastics customers often need advice that straddles the intersection of materials technology, business strategy, and hard science — and that’s where Dr. Keith Hechtel lives. With degrees in geology, industrial technology, and business administration, plus more than 30 years of plastics industry experience, Keith leads the Curbell Plastics Business Development team and offers a unique and practical perspective to plastic material selection and application counseling.

Keith has helped hundreds of businesses achieve quality improvements and cost savings through the use of performance plastics. He works closely with design and engineering teams to identify plastics that can act as lightweight, cost-effective replacements for metal, glass, and other materials. Read Keith's full biography.