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10 Examples Where Plastics Replaced Metal

The author was challenged to find 10 instances where plastic replaced metal for better results. From fishing lures to dump trucks, he mastered this challenge.

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Plastics for Clean-in-Place Applications in Food Processing

Read why polymers make for good material options for several applications in Clean-in-Place systems.


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PEEK vs. Ultem® (PEI)
Material Matchup

Compare key characteristics of these two high performance materials to assist in the material selection process. 

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How to Safely Disinfect and Sanitize Plastics

The wrong disinfectant can cause lasting damage or discoloration to your plastics. Here’s how to prevent that from happening.

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Plastic Materials Proving to Be Good Fit for Aerospace Parts

As engineers look toward next generation designs, modern aircraft are making greater use of engineering plastics and composites to achieve higher levels of performance.

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Eliminate Hotspots with LED Diffusing Plastic

Eliminating LED hotspots can be challenging. Light diffusing materials can help achieve a balanced and desired effect.

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Advantages of Spin Molded PEEK Tubes for Split Ring Oil & Gas Seals

Spin molded PEEK tubes offer a number of advantages for split rings when compared with tubes manufactured via other methods.

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Building a Better Machine Guard With Plastics

Stiffness, impact resistance, clarity, and chemical resistance are keys to selecting the right plastic for a machine guard.

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Plastic Materials in Chemical Environments

Key factors like temperature, concentration, and time of exposure affect the chemical resistance of plastics materials. Explore how to best select plastic materials for chemical environments.

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KYDEX® Thermoplastic Sheet for the Transportation Industry

KYDEX® Thermoplastics are widely used in aircraft, bus, subway, and monorail interior applications including seatbacks, tray tables, arm rests, window shrouds, and ceiling coverings.

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Turning Up The Heat – High Temperature Applications

Want to determine the maximum operating temperature of a plastic material? Multiple characteristics of the polymer must be considered. Explore this article originally published by

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How to Choose a Plastic Materials Supplier

Selecting a raw materials supplier is one of the most critical decisions that a company makes. Learn how a good supplier can be a tremendous resource for a business.

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Financial Advantages of Using ProComp in Your O&P Practice 

ProComp brings an additional benefit in the form of increased reimbursement amounts for the O&P practice itself — the business behind the design and fabrication of devices.

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High Performance Flexible Inner Liner Materials - Without Silicone

Create sockets that are easier to fabricate, more comfortable to wear, and more pleasing in appearance than sockets made from silicone-filled EVA sheet materials.

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Clinical and Fabrication Advantages of ProComp for O&P

ProComp is an innovative composite material changing the game for patients. Explore the clinical and fabrication advantages brought by this revolutionary material. 

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