Underground Pipe and Conduit Supports

Plastic materials for duct bank spacers, bore spacers, conduit spacers and pipe shoes

Curbell Plastics supplies plastic sheet materials for duct bank spacers, bore spacers, conduit spacers, pipe shoes and more for use in underground piping to support conduit bundles housing electrical and telecommunication lines.

Large building and construction sites, such as hospitals, data centers and transportation networks, need plastic materials that are tough, durable, and can weather underground conditions. Plastic materials and machined parts for underground supports are cost-effective, allow for flexible designs, are easy to machine and provide broad chemical resistance.


Plastic applications for underground pipe and conduit supports:

  • Bore spacers 
  • Duct bank spacers
  • Conduit spacers and supports
  • FRP spacers
  • Pipe rollers
  • Pipe shoes

Plastic materials for underground pipe and conduit support applications include:

Duct bank spacers, bore spacers, conduit spacers and supports

Duct bank spacers and bore spacers offer utility and telecommunication providers the ability to easily and quickly install underground lines in channels and trenches for correct spacing underneath buildings, roads and transportation lines. The spacers help to support and maintain accurate duct position and alignment. Duct bank and conduit spacers not only support conduit bundles during installation but help to reduce load and stress, making installation and future installation or repairs faster and easier. 

Curbell Plastics supplies HDPE sheets as well as machined HDPE duct spacers and bore spacers for construction applications. Spacers can be made from virgin HDPE or reprocessed HDPE material. HDPE does not absorb water and it does not corrode or rot. HDPE bore spacers are lightweight and they have soft surfaces that minimize damage to conduits during handling.

FRP spacers, pipe shoes, pipe rollers and other plastic applications

In addition, plastics can be used for other pipe support applications such as pipe shoes, pipe rollers and pipe chairs helping to minimize damage to pipes and piping systems.

Fabrication and machining services

Take advantage of our plastic fabrication and machining services to save time and money on plastic parts. Utilizing in-house capabilities and partnering with fabrication specialists we provide customers with reliable fabrication solutions, machined parts and cut-to-size materials for any application.

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