PCB Solder Pallets and Assembly Fixtures

Durostone® composites for PCB wave solder pallets

Printed circuit board assembly fixtures and solder pallets need to have excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability as well as low thermal conductivity. The also need to have good machinability and be able to withstand the elevated temperatures and the chemicals associated with soldering applications.

Plastic Materials for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Solder Pallets and Assembly Fixtures. Learn More at Curbell Plastics.Some PCB fixture and solder pallet applications require anti-static properties to prevent static discharge from damaging sensitive electronic circuits.

Röchling’s Durostone® family of PCB Solder Pallet Materials are state-of-the art composites for wave solder pallet and assembly fixture applications. Detailed information about these materials can be found in Röchling’s PCB Solder Pallet Materials guide.

DuPont™ Vespel® SP-1 is a dimensionally stable, high temperature plastic material that is used for many electronics assembly fixture applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are there plastic materials that are resistant to solder fluxes?

Röchling’s Durostone® WGR781 composite board is formulated to withstand aggressive fluxes.

Which solder pallet composites can be used at elevated temperatures?

Röchling’s Durostone® composite boards can be used at maximum temperatures of 260 to 320 degrees C depending on the formulation and the required exposure time.

Does Curbell supply solder pallet materials that have ESD properties?

Curbell supplies Röchling’s Durostone® CAS761 and CAG762 composite boards which offer anti-static properties.