CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization)

PPS and PEEK tubular bar for CMP consumables

The plastics used for chemical mechanical planarization equipment need to have outstanding chemical resistance and long wear life in abrasive slurries. They also must not generate contamination that can damage semiconductor wafers.

A number of different plastics are used for CMP processes depending on the mechanical property requirements, the chemical environment, the slurry being used, and the desired price point for the component. Curbell supplies a wide range of plastic materials for CMP including polycarbonate and semicrystalline PET, however various grades of PPS and PEEK are most often used for these applications.

The PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) and PEEK (polyetheretherketone) materials used for CMP clamping rings are available in several different formulations. Detailed information on each grade of PPS and PEEK for CMP can be found using the links to each material.

TECATRON® SE– Hardest and stiffest PPS formulation
TECATRON® SX– Longer wearing and tougher than TECATRON® SE

Figure 1: Wear Resistance Comparison of TECATRON® SE and TECATRON® SX

Semi-sperse SS-12 oxide slurry
Rodel CR1C1400-A-3 urethane pad, counter rotating, 150 rpm, 3.8psi

PEEK materials can be used for CMP when greater strength, stiffness, and wear resistance are required.  Two grades of PEEK that are used for CMP applications are shown below.

TECAPEEK® SE– Stronger, stiffer, and longer wearing than PPS materials
TECAPEEK® CMP– PEEK formulation with enhanced ductility and wear resistance

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Frequently Asked Questions
Which plastic materials have best abrasion resistance in slurries?

PEEK tends to have superior abrasion resistance to many other thermoplastics in slurries.

What are the advantages and limitations of PPS and PEEK for CMP consumables?

PEEK CMP consumables tend to have longer wear life than PPS consumables. PEEK is also tougher and more durable than PPS, which helps it to resist chipping during handling. PEEK is more expensive than PPS.