Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Equipment

High-performance plastics for semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Semiconductor and electronics manufacturing equipment is used for a wide range of processes starting with the growth of silicon ingots and ending with the assembly and testing of finished devices. Equipment manufacturers specify high performance polymers to ensure that their machinery will operate reliably with maximum throughput and minimal yield loss.

The plastic sheet, rod, and tube materials used for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing are grouped by application.


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Take advantage of our plastic fabrication and machining services to save time and money on plastic parts. Utilizing in-house capabilities and partnering with fabrication specialists we provide customers with reliable fabrication solutions, machined parts and cut-to-size materials for any application.

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Semiconductor manufacturing requires plastic materials with high purity, chemical resistance, ESD properties, and wear resistance for application success. Whatever you need, our plastics experts are here for you—ready to answer your technical questions and discuss materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Curbell supply plastic materials that can help to prevent IC chip damage from electrostatic discharge during handling?

Curbell supplies a wide range of plastics with surface resistivities in the conductive, static dissipative, and antistatic ranges. These materials are often used in jigs, fixtures, trays, and other wafer contacting equipment to reduce the chance of damage from electrostatic discharge.

Which plastics will help to maintain high purity during wafer processing?

Curbell supplies materials with low leaching including PEEK and fluoropolymers such as PVDF (Kynar®), FEP, and PFA. Additionally, Curbell supplies materials such as DuPont™ Vespel® and PVDF (Kynar®) that have low particulate generation. Both of these characteristics can help to maintain purity during wafer processing.

Which plastics have the best resistance to the chemicals used in semiconductor processing?

PEEK, PVDF (Kynar®), ECTFE (Halar®), ETFE (Tefzel®), FEP, PTFE, and PFA all have broad chemical resistance and they are frequently used for wafer processing applications.