Wood Replacement Material Lasts Longer Outdoors

Plastic towel bins at waterpark save customer time and money

Plastic replacement for wood, C-TEK® Rideboard™ doesn’t rot, splinter or decay and can be paintedThe maintenance team at an amusement park wanted a plastic option for their outdoor towel bins, eliminating the need to replace unsightly wooden bins each year. Pressure treated wood bins, commonly used in this outdoor application, did not offer the longevity needed, nor were aesthetically acceptable.

Pressure treated wood can rot, crack, and leech chemicals

The amusement park had dozens of bins (near their water attractions) designed to hold wet towels when guests were done with a ride. Because of the moist environment, the wooden bins were rotting and cracking on a regular basis. The amusement park needed a material that would not absorb water and could still be painted to maintain its aesthetic appeal.

C-TEK® Rideboard™ doesn’t rot, splinter or decay—and can be painted

Curbell supplied durable C-TEK® Rideboard™ to replace the problematic wooden panels. C-TEK® Rideboard™ doesn’t absorb moisture, so it still looks good years after installation—and can be routed and painted for decorative purposes. C-TEK® Rideboard is also free of the harsh chemicals found in traditional pressure treated lumber. The amusement park saved thousands of dollars in materials and labor with an environmentally-friendly solution.

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