Weight Reduction for ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)

Curbell replaced heavy stainless steel components with UV stabilized UHMW-PE sheet

A manufacturer of marine ROVs wanted to reduce the weight of their vehicle, while still maintaining the durability required for industrial use. They also needed the materials of construction to be suitable for outdoor use. Aware that other industries have successfully used plastics to decrease weight in traditionally metal applications, the manufacturer submitted a form on Curbell's website to learn more. 

UHMW-PE is a Small Fraction of the Weight of Stainless Steel

Reduce weight of ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) with plastics. Learn more at Curbell Plastics.Curbell Plastics connected with the manufacturer to learn more about their needs. Curbell’s plastics experts presented materials that could address the ROV manufacturer’s challenges and provided information that enabled the engineers to make an educated decision. 

Curbell supplied them with a UV stabilized UHMW-PE sheet, which they used to replace stainless steel components on the vehicle. UHMW-PE is 1/8th the weight of stainless steel, which resulted in significant weight savings the customer desired. 

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