UHMW Extruded Profile

Save time and money by eliminating additional machining steps

A prospective customer was using a circular saw to manually cut a channel in rectangular strips of UHMW to be used as guides on packaging and conveying equipment. This operation was time-consuming, inconsistent, and (worst of all) dangerous for the operator.

Keep it simple: consider a profile or other customized plastic component 

To address this manufacturing challenge, Curbell offered an extruded UHMW profile run to the customer’s desired dimensions to eliminate any need for additional sawing processes. Similar options are available with PTFE and other plastic materials.

Now the customer need only cut the profile to the appropriate length for installation. In addition to simplifying the manufacturing process, the customer does not need to monitor their inventory as closely. Prior to the switch, scrap pieces were often unaccounted for and they found themselves with less inventory than they expected on more than one occasion.

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