UHMW Crane Pads Stabilize Heavy Equipment

Outrigger pads made from extremely tough, lightweight plastic helps companies protect workers and comply with OSHA

Curbell Plastics supplied a manufacturer of crane and outrigger pads with UHMW — an extremely tough, abrasion-resistant, and low-cost plastic — to help the company improve safety and compliance for its customers in the construction industry. 

Tough and durable UHMW crane pads

OSHA regulations require construction cranes and other heavy hoisting equipment to be stabilized with “blocking,” or a crane/outrigger pad, in order to reduce soil pressure and the potential for an accident. 

Tough, Durable UHMW Crane and Outrigger Pads for Heavy Equipment (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)

While OSHA notes blocking is made from “wood or other material,” performance plastics are superior for this critical support function. Substituting UHMW for metal or wood in outrigger blocking brings many benefits: UHMW’s light weight makes it easier and safer for workers to transport and place the pads, while reducing fuel costs for transporting them to and from the jobsite. Additionally, UHMW’s low moisture absorption and resistance to chemicals, corrosion, and rot make the crane pads more dependable and longer lasting.

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