TUFFAK® Lumen XT for Machine Vision System

Machine vision system manufacturer chooses TUFFAK® Lumen XT for LED light diffusers

A manufacturer of machine vision systems needed a plastic sheet material that would diffuse light from LED lamps while maintaining high light transmission. Proper lighting was required so that their high resolution cameras would be able to accurately detect contrast between the parts being inspected and the background.

Durable, with Excellent Light Diffusion and Transmission

machine vision system - plastic sheet light diffusing materialThey specified TUFFAK® Lumen XT polycarbonate sheet for their LED light diffusers. In addition to having excellent light diffusion and transmission characteristics, TUFFAK® Lumen XT is durable enough to perform in a manufacturing environment.

Need diffuser material for your machine vision system? We can help.

We have helped customers nationwide select materials to meet specific light diffusion and transmission requirements for their machine vision systems.

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