Technical Advice Helps Eliminate Curling

Improving quality and productivity for orthotic and prosthetic fabricators

A technician at an O&P fabrication facility was having difficulty with their plastic sheet and foam materials. The plastic material curled when the device was removed from the mold.

Curling material pushes back delivery dates, raises costs

Fabricated orthotic CROW bootThe fabricator was forced to spend more time (and material) remaking the protective device after the layers of plastic and foam over a mold (to construct a crow boot) delaminated.

Technical advice, lower costs, and patient satisfaction

Curbell showed the customer how uneven cooling can cause plastic and foam laminated materials to deform or curl. The technician was offered several material options to test. After suggesting some proven options on how to control the cooling, our customer commented, “I was able to reduce material waste and save time. Their understanding of plastics and foam laminated sheets really helped me decrease my costs and shorten my delivery time.”

Are you having issues with curling, blistering, or bubbling? We're here to help.

At Curbell, we’ve seen it all—from blisters and bubbles to uneven thicknesses and inconsistent pulls. We know what causes these problems (and many others), and we can offer some simple changes to increase your rate of successful pulls.

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