TECAPEEK® PVX Replaces Acetal for Bearing Blocks

Chemically resistant bearing grade PEEK outlasts acetal

A leading global manufacturer was struggling with degradation and premature wear of acetal linear bearing blocks submerged in corrosive chemicals. We provided a solution that lasts significantly longer in the same conditions, saving the manufacturer thousands of dollars a year in costly downtime.

Plating tanks are inoperable when acetal bearing blocks break in half

The maintenance manager at a metal plating facility had a major problem with their chemical tanks. After just 4-6 weeks, the acme bearing blocks (made from acetal) would become very brittle, and most blocks would actually break in half due to a combination of chemical attack and mechanical load. When the blocks failed, the plating tanks were inoperable until the blocks were replaced, resulting in costly downtime.

PEEK replaces acetal in plating tank bearing blocks exposed to corrosive chemicals (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)TECAPEEK® PVX reduces downtime thanks to longer-lasting parts

Curbell suggested that the company evaluate TECAPEEK® PVX bearing grade PEEK sheet which offers good friction and wear characteristics, and is capable of operating in direct contact with many aggressive chemicals even at elevated temperatures. After one year of use, the blocks were still fully functional with no visible breakdown. By greatly extending the life of the linear bearing blocks, we reduced downtime for the manufacturer.

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