Surgical Instrument Handles Degrading From Sterilization

Plastic rod material identified that provides superior resistance to autoclave sterilization

A manufacturer of surgical instruments was receiving costly warranty claims because their plastic instrument handles were degrading after autoclave sterilization.

They found that this problem occurred periodically and that it was associated with certain lots of plastic rod stock that were used to machine the handles. The extruder who produced the plastic rod stock was not able to correct the issue.

Plastic Rod Stock Solves Autoclave Sterilization Degradation

Plastic Rod Stock Solves Autoclave Sterilization Degradation for Surgical Instrument Manufacturer (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)The surgical instrument manufacturer discussed the problem with Curbell’s technical team. They worked together to identify a different polymer that had superior resistance to degradation from autoclave sterilization. Curbell now supplies rod stock made from this plastic to the instrument manufacturer and they no longer have handle failures.

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The number of autoclave cycles that a plastic component will be able to withstand before deteriorating depends on the material, the autoclave settings, the part geometry, and the level of stress in the part. Our technical experts can help you find the right mterial for your application. 

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