Stacked Shoe Displays Made from KYDEX® XD 3D Laminate

KYDEX® XD 3D laminate provides a great durable finish for stacked retail shoe displays

A womens’ shoe store chain was creating stacked tables to display their latest styles. The designers wanted the lower table to be white and the upper table to be a dramatic red. The bottom table was positioned at floor level, so durability against impact from customer foot traffic was extremely important. 

Color options, ease of fabrication, and durability of KYDEX® XD 3D laminate, provide retailer with vibrant space saving stacked shoe displays

Stacked Shoe Displays Made from KYDEX®The design team chose 0.030” thick KYDEX® XD 3D in Goal Post White for the lower table and 0.030” thick KYDEX® XD 3D laminate in Wax Seal Red for the upper table. KYDEX® XD 3D laminates are extremely durable, which prevents the displays from chipping or cracking. The material is easy to bond to MDF or particle board and it can be fabricated using standard woodworking tools.

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