Polycarbonate Sheet Meets Flame and Smoke Specs

Optically clear, easy-to-paint material passes UL and FAR requirements for aircraft

An aircraft controls manufacturer needed a plastic sheet material with outstanding flame and smoke characteristics for a backlit instrument panel. Curbell worked to deliver a material option that met the specifications at a competitive cost with low minimums.

Specified material not available

Aircraft instrument panel - plastic sheet with flame and smoke characteristics for backlit instrument panelVery strict requirements can exist for aircraft control panel applications. These panels were required to be made from clear plastic sheet that passed FAR 25.853. The sheet material had to be easily machined into complex shapes. In addition, the material needed to be painted to match the cockpit colors specified by individual airlines. The current material specified wasn’t available in sheets any longer and a possible alternative wasn't available in the specified thickness.

Meeting the specs, optically clear, all at the right price

Curbell's strong relationship with their material partner Plaskolite (and a little ingenuity), allowed us to provide customized sheets at a competitive price with a small minimum order size. The customized TUFFAK® LF polycarbonate sheet features high light transmission and is easy to paint. It met both UL 94 V-0 and FAR 25.853, part 1, a (i) flammability requirements at 0.080” thick.

Helping aircraft part manufacturers with FAR and UL

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