Polycarbonate Replaces Fiberglass Composite for Improved Radome Functionality

Improved mechanical, electrical, and rain erosion resistance with thicker polycarbonate radome

A manufacturer of RF and microwave products was having difficulty meeting the required electrical performance for a broadband antenna system without sacrificing mechanical properties while using a fiberglass composite radome.

The designer indicated that 0.040” thick fiberglass skins were needed for sufficient rain erosion resistance, but the skin thickness could not exceed 0.020” to perform well electrically.

Polycarbonate solves radome functionality problem

Polycarbonate can withstand rain and other foreign object impacts due to its highly ductile character. The superior dielectric properties of polycarbonate also allow for much thicker skins.

The customer designed a 100% polycarbonate radome that easily met the electrical requirements. The increased toughness also made handling less problematic.

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