Plumbing Supply Company Needed Durable Countertops

Countertops made from KYDEX® XD (extreme durability) sheet keep plumbing supply store looking great

A plumbing supply distributor wanted to maintain a professional, modern look at their facilities. However, their product line included heavy parts that were damaging the high pressure laminate (HPL) countertops in their stores. Their counters would quickly show signs of wear and sometimes even chip or crack during use.

KYDEX® XD thermoplastic sheet provides extra durability for countertops

Durable Countertops made from KYDEX® XD sheet keep plumbing supply store looking greatCurbell Plastics recommended that they evaluate countertops made from KYDEX® XD (extreme durability) thermoplastic sheet laminated to MDF (medium density fiberboard). KYDEX® XD sheet has far superior impact resistance compared with high pressure laminate, which prevents counters from cracking when heavy items are dropped.

Also, unlike high pressure laminate which has color only at the surface, KYDEX® XD sheet has color throughout the thickness of the material. This results in KYDEX® XD sheet having superior abrasion resistance and longer wear life compared with high pressure laminate.

The plumbing supply distributor was pleased to find that their new countertops, made from KYDEX® XD sheet, lasted three times as long as their old counters made from high pressure laminate. This resulted in superior store appearance, reduced maintenance costs, and longer life between remodels.

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