Plastic Seat Breakage Causes Warranty Issues for Arcade Game Manufacturer

Curbell helps select alternative material with better durability and resistance to cleaning chemicals

A manufacturer of arcade games was receiving warranty claims due to broken seating. The seats were thermoformed from black and yellow ABS sheet materials, which were not durable enough for use in arcades.

Arcade Game Manufacturer Requires Durable Seating (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)The manufacturer believed that the cleaning chemicals being used at the arcades may have been contributing to the breakage problem. 

Durable, Chemical Resistant Material That's Easy to Vacuum Form

The design engineer worked with Curbell’s technical team to identify a more durable plastic material. They selected a polymer that was easy to vacuum form and that also had outstanding durability and resistance to cleaning chemicals.

The material worked well in the application and it solved the breakage issue.

Need chemical resistant plastic sheet materials?

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