Patient Beds Get an Update with KYDEX® T

KYDEX® T provides durability, reliability, and strength, plus superior cleanability

A manufacturer of medical equipment was updating their patient bed headboards, footboards, and side rails to better serve their customers. The manufacturer was looking for a material that would provide the highest quality, durability, reliability, and strength while creating a more modern looking and competitive end product.

KYDEX® T for Medical Equipment Manufacturer - Patient Beds. Read Case Study at Curbell Plastics.KYDEX® T impressed the manufacturer and was selected for their patient bed updates

The update provided the perfect opportunity for the company to evaluate material options to find the best one for the job. They reached out to Curbell who suggested several thermoplastic options. With the help of their thermoformer, the manufacturer selected KYDEX® T as their new material of choice. KYDEX® T offered the flame/heat resistance they required and the aesthetic improvements they were looking for. 

Looking for a durable material for hospital bed headboards, footboards, and side rails?

Thermoplastics for regulatory requirements in a variety of options may be your answer. We can help.

Curbell Plastics offers solutions for healthcare product manufacturers including materials that are durable with good cleanability and meet UL standards. If you need plastics for patient beds and other patient handling applications, please contact Curbell Plastics today.

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