Orthotic and Prosthetic Fabrication Lab Struggled With Inconsistent Polypropylene

Blanket order program supplied single source materials and reduced scrap rates

An orthotic and prosthetic fabrication lab was struggling with inconsistent polypropylene sheet. The lab was buying polypropylene from a distributor who stocked plastics manufactured by several different sheet extruders.

Each manufacturer’s sheet had slightly different forming characteristics and this resulted in inconsistent products and high scrap rates for the lab.

Consistent Orthotics and Prosthetics Plastic Sheet

Curbell Plastics Supplies Orthotic and Prosthetic Fabrication Lab with Consistent Polypropylene Sheet (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)Curbell Plastics worked with the lab manager to implement a blanket order program with Curbell supplying polypropylene sheet produced by a single manufacturer. The lab technicians can now more easily produce consistent orthotics and prosthetics with reduced scrap rates.

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