Nylon Sheaves Increase Boom Crane Efficiency

Curbell Plastics offers in-house services to turn plastic up to 68” in diameter for large components

Mobile and fixed boom crane manufacturers are exploring plastic materials as replacements for metallic sheaves. The constant grind of metal parts against each other leads to a relatively short service life, even with proper lubrication. When one worn part needs replacing, other degraded parts often require replacement as well.

A boom crane manufacturer consulted Curbell Plastics to choose a plastic material that would meet the load and environmental conditions required from traditional steel sheaves.

Plastics Offer Weight Reduction and Increased Wear Resistance Without Lubricants

Up to 68” In-House Large Diameter Turning Capability

Nylon sheaves increase boom crane efficiency. Read case study at Curbell Plastics.Plastics, including specialty nylons, offer increased wear resistance without the need for lubricants. They provide massive weight reduction, around 7 to 8 times that of their metal counterparts, and allow for significantly easier installation and increased system efficiency. These alternative sheave materials provide longer wire rope service life—sometimes doubling or tripling—while cutting down on maintenance cost and downtime.

Few plastic suppliers can accommodate large dimensions required for some nylon sheaves. Our Arlington facility was able to turn the plastic components in-house allowing the crane manufacturer to produce cranes with longer lasting parts.

Need large diameter components for your heavy equipment? We can help.

Curbell Plastics supplies materials and fabricated parts in the oil and gas industry including turned parts up to 68” in diameter. Talk to our experts about your application challenges.

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