Material Needed to Thermoform Medical Equipment Housings

Curbell helped identify plastic sheet material to meet chemical and flammability specifications

Plastic for Thermoformed Medical Equipment Housing (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)A thermoformer needed to identify a plastic sheet material to use for the housings on a new piece of medical equipment. The material had to be suitable for large, deep draw parts and it had to resist hospital cleaning chemicals. It also had to meet demanding flammability specifications.

The general manager of the company contacted Curbell’s technical team to discuss the application.

Curbell supplied the thermoformer with a number of different plastic sheet materials for trials. They were able to successfully identify a material that had all of the required performance characteristics and was also easy to process.

Need chemically resistant plastic materials for medical housings? We can help.

Curbell Plastics has experience supplying high quality plastic sheet materials, adhesives, and specialty materials to medical equipment manufacturers and thermoformers.

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